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Welcome to Liberty Drain, your top choice for professional plumbing and drain services in Port Chester, New York. Our expert team offers a comprehensive range of services to address all your plumbing needs, including:

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At Liberty Drain, we know Port Chester like the back of our hand. We understand the unique plumbing challenges faced by residents and businesses in this area and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to meet these needs. Our commitment to the community and our expertise make us the go-to choice for all your plumbing and drain services.

Hydro Jetting

Using high-pressure water jets to clear stubborn clogs and debris.

Hydro Jetting is a process in which a sewer or drain line is cleaned with high pressure water. This is done by utilizing a special piece of equipment called a Water Jet or a Hydro Jet.

Hydro jetting works by placing a special type of water hose through a sewer or drain line, with a specialized nozzle attached to hose end. This nozzle will propel the hose down the line while simultaneously cutting residue and potential blockages from the pipe walls and flushing debris down the line.

The short answer is yes; Hydro Jetting is safe provided the technician operating the machine is skilled and experienced. The right tool in the wrong hands often leads to trouble.

Yes. Hydro jetting essentially scrubs the interior of your sewer or drain line while washing away debris. The end result is a fully cleaned pipe.

Yes, provided the technician is using an appropriate root cutting nozzle. A standard Hydro Jet nozzle will not cut roots. Always ask if the technician is using the appropriate nozzle.

Yes. Hydro Jetting will easily remove and flush grease buildup from a sewer or drain line.

It depends the situation. In many instances an electric snake will do just fine. If you have an excessive amount of grease, tree roots, or an especially long pipe, then Hydro Jetting is the way to go.

Camera Inspection

Utilizing advanced technology to diagnose issues within your plumbing system accurately.

A camera inspection, also referred to as a drain line inspection, is a process in which a special drain scope is pushed through your sewer or drain line. It will observe and record the condition of the pipe, and obstructions or defects will be highlighted. It is essentially a colonoscopy for your sewer or drain line.

A camera inspection is a relatively simple process. We introduce the camera through a drain line clean out or a sewer house trap, and then push the camera through the drain line. We then take snapshots of any areas of concern as well as a full length video.

No. It is important that the technician is experienced and is using high resolution equipment in order to get the most accurate depiction of the drain line condition.

Generally no. A camera inspection is usually a quick and uncomplicated process.

Yes. Beware of companies that will not give you a copy of the recording. In most cases, they are trying to upsell a sewer line repair and do not want you to have the ability of having another technician review the footage.

It depends. If you are having reoccurring clogs or water intruding in your basement, then it is probably a good idea to camera your sewer line. Also, if you are buying a new home, you may want to scope the sewer to make sure it is not damaged or broken.

It is essential to choose a company with a reputation of being honest. Many companies that perform camera inspections are trying to upsell a repair, needlessly in many cases. Try to utilize a company that does not perform sewer line repairs; they will have no vested interest in upselling anything. Also, make sure that the technician is experienced. If you broke a bone you would want the most experienced doctor to read the x-ray. The same holds true with a camera inspection. A misdiagnoses could lead to thousands of dollars in needless repairs.

Yes, especially if the drain company did not leave you a copy of the footage. That is always a red flag and shows a lack of transparency.

Drain Maintenance

Ensuring your drains are free of blockages and running smoothly.

Drain maintenance is a proactive way of keeping your drain lines flowing.

You can maintain your drains in a number of ways. The first is to make sure nothing gets introduced into your drain line system that may cause a clog. You can achieve this by making sure that all your drain have a screen or strainer attached, limit what goes into a garbage disposal, and not flushing anything down the toilet other than toilet paper and natural waste.

No. Repeated use of nearly all over the counter drain openers will cause some degree of damage to your drain lines, regardless of what the label says. If these products actually worked, then there would be no need for drain cleaning companies. The fact that many plumbers or drain technicians exist, shows the efficacy of such products.

There are a few harmless ways that we have heard some people use to maintain their drain lines. Some of these methods include the use of a baking soda and vinegar mixture, or hot water in the kitchen sink drain.There are also products that utilize enzymes to digest grease and buildup. While we cannot testify to the efficacy of these methods however, we can declare that they are harmless to drain lines.

It depends on how proactive you want to be. Generally we recommend house residential drains to be snaked only when there is a need for it, with the exception of sewer lines. Snaking a drain always increases the odds of making a pipe leak, although those occurrences are rare. In most instances it is probably best to wait until your shower or sink drain begins to slow up. That is the best time to call in order to avoid a clog. That being said, if a slow drain is inconvenient for you, we can snake a drain as often as you like. Sewer lines are an exception to this rule and we will discuss that further in our Sewer Line Maintenance FAQ.

While expensive is relative to the individual and market, the answer is generally no. You can expect to pay anywhere from two hundred to three hundred dollars for a drain line service call, depending on your market and specific needs.

Sewer Line Maintenance

Keeping your sewer lines in Port Chester in top condition to prevent backups and leaks.

Sewer line maintenance is a proactive way to clean your sewer line and avoid back ups and floods.

The most common methods of sewer line maintenance are using an electric drain cleaning machine (AKA snaking) or using a high pressure water jet machine.

The method of sewer line maintenance varies based upon your individual sewer line. In most cases an electric snake will perform a more than adequate job. In cases of significant tree root intrusions or sewer lines in excess of 100’, we recommend a Hydro Jet cleaning.

Yes, as long as the technician is skilled and experienced. The right tool in the wrong hands often leads to complications. Make sure the company you choose has a favorable reputation and that their technicians are experienced.

Yes. A sewer back up can be a costly and nasty affair, and generally occur at the most inopportune times. We recommend periodically cleaning your sewer drain to avoid these situations.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no golden rule to how often you may need to clean your sewer line. The frequency depends solely on your specific situation. For example, a line with a tree root intrusion will need to be cleaned far more frequently than a line without a root intrusion. The best solution is to find an honest drain cleaning company who will advise you on the best course of action. An honest drain technician will also be able to articulate their diagnosis in a way that makes sense to you, and can substantiate their conclusion with facts and evidence.

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